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peace. love. josh groban. ♥

next stop: charlotte 7.18.07

21 July 1989
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God is my savior.

I am a senior at CMHS,

soon to be a freshman at Bethany College!

I'm open-minded & I'm wayy cool.

Writing helps organize

my thoughts, ideas, my life.

& it sparks my creativity.

Music is my life.

time signatures, key changes, & dynamics.

I love photographs,

my memories

& smiling.

Its my favorite.

Mountain dew is my...

love & addiction.

Soccer is the real 'football'

& Manchester United is my team.

My passion is to travel!

The world is my playground.

Spare time = Pump It Up!

My quote to live by...

"Life can get dark and twisted

sometimes and you have to laugh

about it if you're going to survive."

-- Josh Groban

Guys think wayy to much,

if they acted on their thoughts...

they would be much better off.

With guys... it comes down to

their ability to make me smile,

their face,their eyes, and their hair.</b>

Theres just something about a guy

who is confident, courageous, and brave

that just makes me melt.

I love guys who have a musical talent.

Music is such a big part in my life.

Their belief in God is very important to me.

I like guys who know

what they want out of life.

And most importantly...

I want a guy..

Who likes me for me.

One that will accept who I am.

If you are this guy...

let me know.

because I want to find him

so badly...

yes.. I do realize how cliche

all of that sounded.. but you're just

going to have to get over it. :)

m'aimer pour qui je suis

Intrests include :

Grobanites Unite --- 7 - 18 -07 <3 ---Charlotte, NC --- Cant wait!!! <3 <3 <3

Peace. L♥ve .Josh Groban!

I was officially JOSHED in columbus!! 2.21.07

♥ ♥ ♥

The most active of all the Josh Groban LJ communities!