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awakened by disbelief

[30 Jul 2008|11:31am]
 salt is salty no more......


awakened by disbelief

bethany college :D [23 Jul 2007|12:25pm]

I leave august 21st... its such a weird feeling. Like I went out and bought stuff for my dorm yesterday and it hit me.. im not going to midland next year.. i wont be living at home... ill be on my own...i wont be able to see my friends everyday... :(

Bethany doesnt have a mailing to the dorms... so we have to buy P.O boxes. Ill give you all the address when I get it.  I wont have a phone... other than my cell phone :)

Ill be staying in CV 214-D.

Fall 2007

intro to music*MWF* 10:00 - 10:55
college writing *MWF* 12:00- 12:55
human development*MWF* 1:00-1:55
exceptionalities & disabilities*MWF* 3:00-3:55
transition to college *T* 11:00 - 11:55
voicing the self *TTH *2:00 - 3:25
college choir *TTH* 4:00 - 5:30

awakened by disbelief

smile...even though its breaking.... [19 Jul 2007|07:51pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

As many of you know... the charlotte concert was postponed for a later date... somewhere in september supposedly. We found out at around 5:30 that Josh would not be singing last night due to an extreme sore throat. Doctors said he was not to sing for two days. :'(

Although, Josh didnt sing for us.. we knew he wanted to & that it killed him to have to postpone. The Meet & Greet was a blast and us grobies made the best of it... and enjoyed josh' s music and each other's company. After, we all found alternate wayys to entertain ourselves... ashleigh went shopping, I watched tv. took pointless pictures. and had some margaritas. trisha and the crew went out to eat. Later, we all met up in lobby completely by coincidence and we had us a great time!! Grobies are the best!!!!

I plan to do all I can to be there in september for the concert... soo i will be seeing you again! I had a blast! Thanks ashleigh, mary, trisha, and harriet!!


Pictures of the M&G are posted in the Josh album. check em' out :)

in attempts to make myself feel better... i am sitting here looking at my bamboo centerpiece ( that i won at the meet and greet) ... and i thought to myself... i have no idea how to take care of bamboo. haha soo i did some digging ... and i was all excited about taking care of my bamboo. lol

and this is what they had to say to me : "The first thing to say is that small green stems in small vases filled with some rocks and a little water sold as Lucky Bamboo across the U. S. are not bamboo at all."

HAHA! I cracked up laughing... it described " izzy" ( i named the bamboo because i got bored... lol) exactly. Turns out I only have to change the water weekly. haha which makes me happy.

Just thought i'd share that with all of you. hehe

awakened by disbelief

summer recap thus far.... [13 Jul 2007|09:26pm]

I've been quite busy lately.... with things here and there.

* just got back from dickson not to long ago... where i was on the farm :D haha Yes.. ari on a farm. it was a sight. Then we went into Nashville for a day... where I got to hang out with my good friend Peter that i havent seen in forever :) Also... i was at the Grand Ole Opry... again.. yes... i was there. haha What a trip that was...pics are posted. haha

* My diet is coming along quite nicely... I've lost 12 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks... which is pretty amazing! :D  Soo im proud of myself for that.

*This past wednesday was ben's birthday and he was gone for it... soo it made me sad... but because im on the ball... i gave him his present before he left... anyways  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!! yay!!! :D

* Thursday i went to the wave pool with Rory, Carrie, Laura, Jon, Rachel and Shelby.  It was a lot of fun. I actually enjoyed being at a pool... which is odd. :)  Pics are up of that too. :D

*Kathryn left for the beach today! Which is awesome considering Im leaving sunday to go down there!!  We are going to hang out some and have an early birthday for me! yay!!

* Today madeline and I went to see License to Wed. it was pretty funny.. I always enjoy hanging out with Maddy. haha and we've planned our 21st birthday's!!! ... we are both gonna head out to vegas for a week! its gonna be great! :)

* Tomorrow is Madeline's 18th birthday sooo im hanging out with her all dayy tomorrow. and thats exciting.

* Like i said previously... im leaving for the beach sunday... and THEN!!!! the 18th... is the DAY IVE BEEN COUNTING DOWN FOR OVER TWO MONTHS! Im going to see Josh Groban in Charlotte!! And its going to be complete Pandamonium!!! haha

* Last but certainly not least.... my 18th birthday is in a week and im super excited about that!! :)


My televison endeavors include:

GREEK! --- A must watch! honestly. Its awesome. 

KYLE XY --- also awesome!!!

PSYCH -- Love it!! :D

MINDFREAK! --- too amazing for words. haha 



Soooo theres my little recap...haha :)

awakened by disbelief

& the fun continues! [20 Jun 2007|09:33am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

The other day I get a phone call from Isaac informing me that Leighton is in myrtle beach...and even better... she was like right down the road.... literally! haha  So leighton and I got to hang out! It was fun. We watched some kidds play some DDR... we walked on the beach... we watched my sister... dressed completely in black , long pants & a black jacket,  walk all the wayy down the beach back to our house! haha!  and we watch the "monkey" boyys try to impress up as we sat at the playground. Lots of fun! :)

  leighton & me. :)

 <--- monkey boyys. hehe

Went to the beach for a while yesterday....you cant stay down there long... its like insanely hot! lol but anyways.... this guy walked past me and his shirt said "jazzy jumpers" which just screamed show choir or dance team to me haha! Soo when he came out of the water I was like " Show choir?" and he was like " How'd you know?"    " Well your shirt said it all" haha! It was hilarious!!  Poor guy... i think I made him feel bad... lol

Last night my grandpa and I went to the mall and saw Shrek 3. :) It was pretty good. Then I went to American Eagle and got a shirt and some sweatpants.. which i love! lol <3

I should get my jack's mannequin shirts today!! yay!  thats a plus.  Yesterday I ordered the  "Awake" songbook! Finally they decided to get it out there! geez. 

Today's plans include : Tanger Outlet Mall, Barefoot Landing , && my favorite! , The House of Blues.

28 days left until the concert!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 blinded by trust ♥ awakened by disbelief

Ariana! at the beach. :) [18 Jun 2007|09:40am]
This whole dial up connection/ sharing with my sister thing... is getting old extremely quick. lol

Anyways... over all this trip ( so far)  has been full of fun things and not so fun things...

- RIP Chris & Bobby :(
+ getting a tan
- to my face breaking out due to all the sun im getting. lol
-  to trying to download music with a dial up connection. you can only imagine... it took like 4 hours. ugh!
++ to my new diet  * crosses fingers*
+ new season of Kyle XY lol
- having dial up...
- getting hooked once more on Degrassi ( tv show. lol)
+ being less than 3 feet from the ocean at all times. lol
++ smirnoff and strawberry daiquiris
-  to dumb drivers in myrtle beach
++ Hard Rock Cafe!!
+- to everyone being in Costa Rica.... I know they're there for good reasons... but i still worry about them.
+++ House of Blues!!! :)
+++++++++ 30 days left until the charlotte concert!!!!
+++++++++ getting to meet ashleigh!! :)

Well... two days ago... i got to meet the countdown queen herself! Miss Ashleigh!! It was sooo much fun! We met up at Broadway at the Beach for dinner... and then did some productive shopping. haha  

" we dont have no palm trees in west virginny" haha!!!!

awakened by disbelief

v a c a t i o n. [13 Jun 2007|08:34pm]

Lately things have been crazy hectic... but now...I can begin my summer with some relaxation... Im currently in rainy/stormy myrtle beach... haha :) Im hoping the sun with show its face tomorrow. lol

Continue to pray for Chris's Family & Friends... and for Bobby! :)

Also the LMBC Youth Ministries leave for Costa Rica this weekend... keep them in your prayers also!! I love you guys!!!!


ps... i hate dial up connection.... ugh. lol

awakened by disbelief

graduation. [03 Jun 2007|07:19pm]
[ mood | content ]

A part of my life is now over....but a new part is about to begin. 

Only this part... will be without those who I love so much, without the familiar surrondings, without my family close by, without the youth group i love and cherish, just without so many things :(

Wish me luck guys.... Im in the real world now...


If I could tell the world just one thing
It would be that we're all OK
And not to worry 'cause worry is wasteful
And useless in times like these
I won't be made useless
I won't be idle with despair
I will gather myself around my faith
For light does the darkness most fear
My hands are small, I know
But they're not yours, they are my own
And I am never broken
Poverty stole your golden shoes
It didn't steal your laughter
And heartache came to visit me
But I knew it wasn't ever after
We'll fight, not out of spite
For someone must stand up for what's right
'Cause where there's a man who has no voice
There ours shall go singing

In the end only kindness matters
We are never broken
We are God's eyes
God's hands
God's mind
We are God's eyes
God's hands
God's heart


awakened by disbelief

as we go on... we remember. >. [29 May 2007|12:21pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Lately, my mother and i have been fighting a lot and its horrible because its over little things!! Its ridiculous!

Oh well.. I've managed to stay away from the fighting by staying at my g-parents house... ive been here for about a week. Saturday night Kat came over here and we had some fun swimming, hanging out, and eating! haha :) there are pics up on my myspace and facebook if you wish to see the craziness that is Kat and I when we decide to have some fun :D

There are 4 days left til graduation... and i keep thinking about the what ifs & the now or nevers that are at hand. Its a feeling that I may regret not acting upon... but I have so much to lose.... I just dont know....

Yesterday, Ben & I went to Rory's birthday party. Even though his birthday was last thursday! haha 


Justin & I had a funny conversation last night that i decided i wanted to share with the grobanites. haha :)

ari is wayy cool: where is it that one finds these mildly entertaining yet extremely violent icons? lol
Phreeky Dickey: badassbuddy.com
ari is wayy cool: ah. i see. well then... the next time im in the mood for something other than my cute fuzzy dancing panda i will definetly give that site a visit. :-D
Phreeky Dickey: :-)
Phreeky Dickey: they have almost everything
ari is wayy cool: almost?
Phreeky Dickey: yeah
ari is wayy cool: what makes it almost. what dont they have?
ari is wayy cool: lol
Phreeky Dickey: i just searched for josh groban
Phreeky Dickey: they didnt have him
ari is wayy cool: haha!!!

awakened by disbelief

today is saturday.... [26 May 2007|08:15am]
[ mood | creative ]

Soo... the days are going by slowly... and the realization that a week from now... I will be high school graduate... is starting to hit me.

Wednesday was my last day....I spent it with those I love Kathryn, Ben, Isaac, and Rory.  I stayed at school until the end of third lunch so that I could be with my friends until the last possible moment. Then later that day Me, Kathryn, and Justin decided to take the Benz out for some driving... :D  then went to church & taco bell.  Kathryn and I ended up back at her house.... and we took a walk and layed in the hammock.  It made me really really really sad to know that my days with my friends were numbered....and that the summer was going to be quite hectic meaning those days will be cut even shorter.

Thursday, I went to the Newport Aquarium & Cincinnati Zoo with my first graders... where miss ari made her last stand. :(  We had sooooo much fun! I absolutely loved it!! They're all such sweethearts! 

Yesterday, I went to see POTC3 and it was absolutely amazing! It was definetly the perfect ending to an amazing trilogy. Then I went to the Marshall Hall Of Fame Cafe  :) It was good. lol  Spent the night with my g-parents last night which is always fun.

I signed up for my first Bethany classes today.... which was a really eye opener.

The only things keeping me sane.....are my friends & Josh Groban. haha!

 53 days until the Charlotte Concert!!!!!!!!!


1 blinded by trust ♥ awakened by disbelief

I hope you have the time of your life... [22 May 2007|10:37pm]
[ mood | restless ]

Tomorrow is it. the last day of high school....
talk about bittersweet...
I wish you all the best of luck! Congrats!!

*very cliche like* " We did it!"


When all that we've known is lost and found

Close your eyes....

go way back when nothing mattered.

Imagine playing outside because its fun.

Pretend you have super powers and become invisible.

Remember the power ranger pencil boxes,

the tiny desks & chairs, the glitter crayons,

and your face, your smile, and laugh.

Now open your eyes...

Look at how much you have accomplished.

From the first day of kindergarten,

through the drama of middle school,

to the independence of high school.

We have come to the legendary cross roads,

where we each ponder on which road to take.

Either road we take, we will be ourselves

and we must remember the past

that made us who we are.

The friends we've made are crucial.

The risks we've taken prove our courage.

The lessons we've learned are life changing.

and when we walk across the stage at graduation...

all these people, lessons, risks and memories...

will flood our minds and remind us

who we are.

We will never forget those who

encouraged us, comforted us, and taught us.

They are part of who we are.

♥ ariana

To all those i'm leaving behind : Isaac, Kathryn, Ben , Rory, Jenny, Alison, Drew, && many many more...

I love you all very very much. You all have helped me through some of the roughest parts of my life...

Rory - You are my best friend. We beat each other up...we talk to each other... and most important of all... we listen to each other. You've given me some of the best advice ive ever recieved.. this past summer I would have been lost without you.  I love you Rory Charles Chapman! haha :) I learned A LOT about you ;)

Ben-We have been through soo much... and its made us stronger. I'll never ever forget you. You are that one voice in my head always pushing me to be myself and encouraging me to do my best. I love you.Thank You my friend. Love Always &hearts;

Isaac - you have experienced my dream with me...and you've always been there! Your hugs, your smile, and you are loved. :D

Kathryn - Oh boy... I dont even know where to begin. We've had soo many fun times together... even that time of sitting in the church parking lot for what seemed like an eternity. I love you kit kat. &hearts;

Jenny & Alison- Wow. You guys saved me from what I thought was going to be the high school version of Hell. I went into gym class completely dreading it and going through gym class with me you know why. You guys made it fun and enjoyable... and we DEFINELTY had some good times & a few good laughs. Take today for an example! haha :) You can bet tomorrow is going to be just the same! I love you both!

Drew- You saved me in a different way... When I need God... you brought him to me.. you never gave up on me. You werent the only one... but you worked the hardest. Drew...Thank you! I love you. You are going to do amazing things with your life. I can just tell!

To all of LMBC Youth-  You guys... are my family. You shine the wayy to greater things. My support system. I dont want to leave you guys... you can bet I'll be back to visit. This youth center is going to bring everyone closer together & to God. Keep me in your &hearts; & prayers. :)

I love you all!

awakened by disbelief

academy senior breakfast. last day as miss ari . josh in a nutshell :D [18 May 2007|09:41pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Today was a big day.... a lot happened... but instead of writing it all.... pictures tell the story better... sooo check it out.

5.18.07 Pictures

okay.... sooo tonight im staying with my grandparents ( the groban loving grandparents who are taking me to the charlotte concert + who took me to the columbus concert! ) Well tonight... they watched my rendition of "Josh Groban in a Nutshell" which consists of all of the Josh Groban in Concert DVD, Live at the Greek DVD, and the Awake DVD! haha and they enjoyed and laughed their wayy through the entire thing. I think my grandmother has now joined me in the countdown to charlotte. hehe. 


IPB Image    61 days til I'm AWAKE again!!!!!
^ taking a stab at those natural curls!  ;) 

awakened by disbelief

when i see your face.... my heart is home again. ♥ [17 May 2007|04:57pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Sooo I got my camera today... that was probably the fastest delivery ever. haha :D it takes great pictures!

me & miss madelin.

Im really gonna miss my kiddies.... tomorrow is my last day as ' miss ari '  :'(

awakened by disbelief

and so.... [16 May 2007|04:38pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

Well.... yesterday was a busy day... the gilmore girls season finale was last night... and it was absolutely the saddest thing ever... 7 years of watching that show... and now its gone!!!! However will I spend my tuesday from 8 -9??

Also last night....was my senior choir banquet....which also made me cry. lol  For years Mr. Harkless ( my director) has made fun of me for loving josh + his music. I think he has attempted to butcher his name about a thousand times... example : Josh Grobage. Josh Gromlin. Josh Who? Anyways... last night when he gave me my award... the first thing he said was and I quote, " Ari... Ari ... Ari...She loves music.... and JOSH GROBAN! :: note that was the first time I had ever heard him say it correctly :: I have watched her go from fan to "Grobanite".

I thought it was really funny like Josh had a whole paragraph in a speech that was supposed to be about me. haha! 

Today  I woke up thinking that I was going to take my CDS Final.... I was ready to get it over with so that I could sleep in tomorrow morning... well ... i get to school and the computer servers were down... so i didnt get to take my final :(  that results in me having to get up early in the morning...

4 Days left of school!!!  ( not counting Color Day! )

Oh well... myspace has this new layout maker thing and i absolutely LOVE IT! haha  You guys that are my friends on myspace should check it out! ;)  I think you'll like it!

 63 Days left until Charlotte!!

1 blinded by trust ♥ awakened by disbelief

a boring yet busy monday... [14 May 2007|09:21pm]
[ mood | calm ]

  • Sooo the day started bad..... i had to get up. haha
  • went to school
  • played some wiffelball  :: sucked at it ... :(  ::
  • went to see my first graders
  • ordered my digital camera! Its awesome!! cant wait to get it. Heres what it looks like  -

  • i went to walmart to buy the stuff for my first graders gift baggies for friday... I got the girls cute necklaces and lisa frank stickers and  Disney princess baggies to put the stuff in.  I got the guys camo pencils, and beaded necklaces ( they love those things).  Then i put candy in their baggies.... and wrote them a letter about how much im going to miss them  :(
  •  Then i went to the awards banquet and got my plaque and pin for my GPA. On the way into the banquet ashleigh called me to tell me she got her drivers permit!!
  • Mom & Shaun fixed ribs for dinner!!!! and they were goooooooood! lol
  • Right now...im talking on the FOJG boards, myspacing, and watching heroes. Fun right? lol

Tomorrow is the Choir Banquet.... soo that'll be sad... :( 
Wednesday is my CDS Final.. :-/
Friday is the Academy Senior Breakfast.... yet again more tears.... 

Monday is Color day..... and then my senior year is pretty much done for....

 65 Days left until Charlotte!!

awakened by disbelief

Happy Mother's Day!! [13 May 2007|09:20am]
[ mood | josh is on tv!!! ]

Well.... right now im a sad sight to see..  I just woke up not to long ago and the first thing i ran to do was turn on the tv! Josh is going to be on CBS this morning!! SOOO WATCH IT! haha :D  Sooo im sitting here at my computer with the remote in one hand and a mtn. dew in the other :: yes i realize this would make typing hard... but deal with it. :: haha!  Im attempting to multi task.... printing pictures. myspacing. lj . fojg boards. facebook. and watching josh. haha Im talented!  

Today im supposed to go to the mall and look for the finishing touches on my color day dress....ugh... i hate going to the mall. but whatever. Tomorrow is the Academic Boosters Banquet and tuesday is the Choir Banquet ( my last one .... :'(  MAN this senior stuff is really getting to me! ) and the SERIES FINALE!!! of Gilmore Girls :'( which is really sad. I know what you're thinking... shes insane.  I've been watching this show since the first season and I own them all. This show is amazing and has taught me soo much. I love it! and to see it come to a close is very sad.  Rory made me mad last week when she declined Logan's proposal!! Ive been waiting three years for that proposal! haha But on the upside... she graduated Yale! and thats exciting.  But I have to tape it... because mr. harkless has convienently planned both of the events for the same time!!!  MR HARKLESS!! WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT TUESDAYS!!!!!!  

Friday is my last day as an actual intern in my first grade classroom... that makes me soooo sad. :'( i love my first graders sooo much. Im going on their end of the year trip with them to the Cincinnati Zoo & Aquarium tho... soo that'll be fun.... 

aww they are tooo cute.

ill probably write more later... in the meantime I'm going to watch Josh!!! As should you!!!!

66 Days left until I get to see Josh Groban again!!!!

on cbs: 
- So Josh.. many women think of you as a sex symbol?
Josh : *laughs with his amazing laugh* thats just funny to me.... :)

Helena on that comment above - Yeah Josh way to get MORE people to think you're a sex symbol. Just smile in a great way and have an amazing laugh ALL while looking good in your nice hair and scruff AND have a great voice! Let the women just swoon now. :P

awakened by disbelief

my long uneventful day.... [12 May 2007|09:32pm]
[ mood | my computer owns me.... ]

My day started at noon.... because thats when I woke up! :D  It felt sooo good to finally get to just sleep. Then I got up....talked to Kat... and to all my grobanites :)  I got a shower about 4ish and then I had to drop my sister off at pullman...after that I ordered a pizza and went out to my g-mas. That house is sooo empty without them.... I miss em.  They wont be back until Graduation..... which is gaining on me... Soooo I just got home... and im gonna watch a movie later... i just gotta pick which one....its probably the hardest decision ever. I hate having to pick just one movie to watch.

Graduation = happy and sad. I only have seven days left of school.  Wow.  What am I going to do? Im sooo scared to leave everything I know.... and all the people I love. I will miss them after graduation things will never be the same.... i will miss them very very much... :'( but im not leaving yet... and im going to enjoy their company until the exact moment when i get in my car and pull away from my house and start a new life... Man! im gonna miss them..... :'(

Im sooo glad tomorrow is sunday... that means yet another day of getting to sleeeeeep in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 67 Days left until I get to see Josh Groban again!!!!



Welcome to LJ  Ashleigh!!! :D

awakened by disbelief

my long long absence. [12 May 2007|01:36pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

If you wish to be fully updated on the life of ari... you can check out my xanga or my myspace blogs . :)

So much has happened since last september... but the biggest thing would have to be the Josh Groban concert && getting to mee the man himself!  

So I'm going to post the post I wrote after the concert that I posted on myspace.  enjoy :)

February 22, 2007

getting the tickets.

in december....

February 21, 2007

    We arrived in Columbus followed by two massive tour busses.... ( guess whose?) haha.  I seriously had my face plastered against the window... poor isaac... i think i smothered him in the process. No one believe me that they were his busses until men with " Awake " clearance badges around their necks walked to them. haha! However, he wasnt on the either bus but they were his.  We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.... which just so happend to be where Mr. Groban himself was staying. :)  on floor 12... accecsible only with a room key :( 


we stood in the hotel lobby because there was no way I was leaving that spot until I saw him.. haha. In the process of hanging out in the lobby we met two amazing grobanites! Donna & Sandi. I owe a lot to these two women!! They showed me the ropes at being a Grobanite and its just soo amazing. So  Isaac didnt want to stand there he wanted to go to the room to put his stuff down and he said give me the key and i said give me your camera haha! so we switched. Five minutes later.... Josh comes out of the hotel walking Sweeney!! he was getting ready to go to the arena for soundtrack.  Donna & Sandi pretty much pushed me at him haha They were like GOOOO!!! haha. So i walked over and asked him if he had a second to sign my poster and he said sure. and then i asked for a picture and he said of course. It was the most amazing thing ever!!! That hug, picture, autograph, and moment will live with me forever! Four years of wanting to go to a concert, meeting him, etc... was all realized in that moment. I couldnt take it and I just cried. It was amazing and I hadnt even been to the concert yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the poster :)


i didnt want to eat anything... i was too scared that my stomach would have one of its episodes... and there was no chance i was gonna miss this concert!!! I had already had my thrill of the day.... but i was psyched to go to the concert! We  went to Max & Erma's that was connected to the hotel. The entire hotel was book solid... all grobanites. haha  We sit down ... and isaac gets up to leave to call his mom.... and TIM CURLE walks in!!!!!  Tim Curle is Josh's percussionist in the band. I was like can this really be happening! soo he sits down at the table next to us and i immeadiately jump up and asked him for a picture and he was the nicest guy... i love him. haha  ( that picture will be up later... wasnt digital.. stupid disposable camera haha)  ( i will have more pictures up later when i get them developed!)  Poor Isaac.... he always left when something amazing happend but......


 it was time for the concert!  i bought a 2 t-shirts, a poster, a program, and a keychain. :) haha  Our seats were absolutely amazing!!!! right on the stage!!! It was just an amazing night! Honestly I couldnt have asked for a better day! the best one of my life! Josh did three encores... that were AMAZING! HE is AMAZING! No exceptions. Its Josh Groban all the way!!!

I dont know how many more times i can use the word AMAZING... and im sorry... i just dont have enough words for all the feelings! Everytime I see the picture of him and I and the autograph... i cry. I just cant believe it happened to me!

I cannot count the times i cried yesterday but they were tears of joy, hope, excitement! Dreams & Miracles came true yesterday! My life is complete. Seriously. This is not my last Josh concert! I assure you that!! <3333


Isaac - thank you soo much for accompaning me on this amazing trip! i couldnt imagine it without you. It was such a great trip and im glad you could experience this with me. Of everyone... i think you understand me and my josh groban fix and you realize that he isnt just a pretty face.... but an extrordinary musician! Thank you a million times over Isaac!

awakened by disbelief

[18 Sep 2006|04:23pm]

Just when you think your life is crashing down... God can change anything and everything.

A simple prayer answered....

A friend being there...

a best friend i dont know where I would be without him.

I will miss him when i leave high school next year.... i will miss him very very much... :'( but im not leaving yet... and im going to enjoy his company until the exact moment when i get in my car and pull away from my house and start a new life...

Man! im gonna miss him..... :'(

"Blessed be the name of the Lord, Blessed be your glorious name! "

awakened by disbelief

[16 Sep 2006|10:43am]
justin and i broke up....

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